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In the ‘60s, especially in Europe and in Italy where I was born there was the idea that all the chemical stuff created to destroy, could be under control forever, considering what had happened during the Second war. I remember a scene I saw during a TV programme in the afternoon: many bodies laying on pavements and squares, in the City Centre of a European City. They were moving and suffering for a few minutes, then they became rigid in strange position: the disorder of a last effort, the full despair before dying.
“It’s gas, it’s chemical. This will never more happen in a civilized world”.
This is what was written , reassuring me and the audience. I remember, being so young, I felt proud to be part of a group of humans who understood from the past, deciding to build a better future.

And now, what is happening right now?

Near Europe, in the middle of a war where foreign interests, a huge power game and the consequences of a wrong approach with a too difficult connection among nations, all this is re-creating the worse part of a dull Middle Age, with no sense of human value, where the life of an individual means nothing.
A nerve agent killing people, and photos of kids and civilians dead, lost, traumatised…

It seems unbelievable, but after so many hopes, under flags of peace and international help, these tragedies might still occur. What for? To fight an enemy? It’s an old story, when even in Milan – before the end of the Second World War – bombs for the Allies exploded killing people because among these people the enemies were still fighting.

Yes, this is an old alibi, too old to convince us, because History is telling something else: ignoring solidarity, empathy, not working all together for a better life, not being coherent in protecting and respecting humans, doing all this we can just lose.

And everybody is going to lose, if things remain the way they are.

Every morning we send our kids to school, to learn how to build a better world. Every day we go to work, trying to make our best for progress and survival. Every night, when we are with our beloved, we like thinking of other humans being safe in a nest, at a good fireplace.

So what? Is this the second millennium we want for our Planet? A time where arrogance and a fake sense of power are leading the most important areas in the world, where slavery, called in many different ways, is accepted and tolerated. Mean, weak, with no values but just willing to get the maximum in a very selfish way: here’s the young hero of this poor generation, grown without roots and canceling the past just to blindly believe in the good of the present time, with comforts, luxury and no responsibilities left.

Is this what we want for our future? An old tired lady called Europe, is accepting the Nazi movement back, and racism, with prejudice and ignorance is spread everywhere.
Other powerful countries are following blind leaders, not realising they represent a modern form of dictatorship.
I’m sure we don’t want all that, and this is the reason why I’m writing today.
Let’s make our ideas, our strong will, a unique voice louder than the others’.
Write comments, connect, create a crowd able to win against the everyday’s war we are all living now.

We can make history, we can break the silence.

Thank you.

Giulia Remorino Ibry

May 2018.